Let me take a moment to introduce myself

HEY! My named is Paige Young, this is your time to get to know a little about my story. I started with ITHRIVE Empowerment in 2018 when  I was a junior in Highschool. My mom and I were looking for a place to belong and do something impactful with our time. I watched as my mother jumped right in and this organization quickly became an everyday part of our life.

Soon… my mother told me it was time to get my feet wet.

So I jumped in!!

When I first started with ITHRIVE,  I was still getting introduced to the world, branching out and figuring out who I was. Soon I was going to begin my journey into college and adulthood.

Boy, did I think I was ready!!

Now looking back I was truly in for an awakening!

After expressing my interest in joining the staff to my mother, our Executive Director quickly took that as an opportunity to show me the ropes of how to start a nonprofit, FEET FIRST!

I immediately became her assistant, I began helping with all of the behind-the-scenes operations of the non-profit, emails, meetings, events….

Little did I know that she was just getting me ready for adulthood too!

Those late nights, assignment due dates, detailed instructions, all helped prepare me for greatness.

ITHRIVE has helped me become the young adult that I am today. This organization not only helps those that we serve but those that serve it.

In true fashion, I have now my newest project… the Bold Girl Corner. This is the corner of the world that will provide us a space to express ourselves, focus, and discuss ITHRIVE’s core topics. Those core topics are focused on prevention of human trafficking, drug and sex and physical abuse, and sexual exploitation.

So follow me as I take this journey into becoming a BOLD GIRL!

Watch as we THRIVE!!