Live Life Loud

The Triple L Program

Live Life Loud serves girls between the ages of 12-17 years.

The methodology is a three-prong approach to thriving which is designed to build their knowledge and skills to strengthen and escalate their self-esteem, minimize and/or eliminate high-risk sexual behavior, and provide alternative pathways to increase economic opportunities.

Live Life Loud follows a 30-week curriculum that identifies the strengths of each girl, outlines strong moral principles, and empowers them to live to their full potential.



The first phase of the Triple L Program will introduce basic skills that we believe are integral to our social and emotional growth, including:

• Public Speaking
• Hygiene
• Body Language
• Appropriate Dress
• Effective Communication
• Navigating Emotional Barriers



The second phase of the Triple L Program will introduce conversation starters for the students. We will utilize a method called Table T.A.L.K which will aid each student in the following:

•Take control of their lives
• Align with purpose
• Let Go of Fear
• Kill Doubt

These T.A.L.K sessions will allow a free flow of communication and understanding in a safe, secure, and guided environment with the support of professional counselors.

We will welcome guest speakers and have counselors on hand to deal with any questions or issues that may arise.



The third phase of the Triple L Program focuses on business development and management powered by our partnership with Youth Entrepreneurs. During this portion we will have lessons teaching the following:

• Financial Literacy
• Business Development and Marketing
• Business Showcase and Competition

Bold Expressions

According to a substantial increase in arts educational experiences have remarkable impacts on students’ academic, social, and emotional outcomes. In this study, students experienced a 3.6 % point reduction in disciplinary infractions, an improvement of 13 % of a standard deviation in standardized writing scores, and an increase of 8 % of a standard deviation in their compassion for others. In terms of our measure of compassion for others, students who received more arts education experiences are more interested in how other people feel and more likely to want to help people who are treated badly.

Bold Expressions provides our students with an opportunity to explore the arts and develop creatively. ITHRIVE has partnered with local organizations and individuals to teach students the exciting world of Art, Dance, and Fashion!