Meet the Founder

Juanae Johnson

As a product of poverty, she witnessed first-hand drug abuse, prostitution, teen pregnancy and so many other plagues in American society. Blessed by a mother who refused to allow her to become a product of her environment, she was placed in program, after program, after program, exposing her to another side of life. A life that proved to have no limits and no boundaries.

As she looked back over her life she recognized the only thing that separated her from the rest, was her opportunity to be exposed. Exposure is the viewing glass to greater. Through exposure to programs such as Youth Entrepreneurs of Kansas, Smith Barney Stock Exchange, and Cessna Aircraft company, she was able to experience life outside of poverty. These experiences shaped her identity and the realization that the only limits that exist are the limits that we place on ourselves.

As she ventured out into the real world, she vowed to create opportunities for young ladies like herself to explore, be enriched and exposed to new, amazing, life changing experiences.

By teaching the gift of entrepreneurship, self-empowerment and creative expression, you are giving the gift of power. The power to defy the odds, the power to take back the sting of abuse and poverty, and the power to define your future.